Simple Content Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Content marketing strategies for entrepreneurs range from creating content for your website to the content on your social media platforms. But, the time to stay current with content creation and running the business overwhelms parts of the company that can least afford it. That said, content marketing is too important by itself, so it needs to receive the attention it deserves.

The quickest way to reach your business goals is putting a plan into place to reach them. It’s said the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The goal today is to give you simple steps that keep you going in a straight line to make the most of your content strategy.

Here’s what you’re faced with:

  • Time to grow your business

  • Content creation

  • Publishing your content

  • Promoting your content through various channels

I’ll take the steps above and break them into manageable chunks. The strategy for content creation relies on consistent action that creates results. Written content is by far the most effective. That’s why you hear so much about its importance. The written word lasts forever, and its effects can make or break your business. If you create content yourself, great! Writing takes time, but the payoff is worth the time. For most of us in business, time isn’t a luxury.

Carve Out Time to Plan

Aside from other pressing tasks, you don’t stand a chance at success if you don’t set time in your schedule to plan for success. It starts with a plan. There’s no way around it. Without actionable goals in writing, you won’t know what to do or when. Remember the straight line approach. It will help you get to the finish line quicker and easier.

Create a plan that makes sense, and it starts with keeping things simple and easy to understand. It’s easy, but it requires critical thinking. Consider only the facts and don’t let your emotions influence decisions.

Consider Hiring a Professional Writer

One important decision you’ll make early on into your online marketing career is paying for content creation or doing it all yourself. The decision comes down to your budget. If you invest money into building a content database, a first step is hiring a writer to handle it for you while you focus on other parts of the business.

Ghostwriters, as they’re called, love to write and you won’t have a difficult time finding one to help you. Be selective and don’t let cost be the deciding reason about who you should hire. Great content isn’t cheap, but your business needs great content, or else all your efforts become a waste of time. A quick tip about content is making sure it is unique and original. Also, give the writer keywords so they can optimize the content for the best results in the search results pages (SERPs).

Get your Content Live

Your timely content won’t do a thing for you if no one knows it’s there. Publishing content is one thing, but when you publish is another thing altogether. Part of the planning stage should include who gets to see your content and when. Researching your audience is the best approach to help decide what your audience looks for in search, and questions they’re asking. Your job is to provide the answers in your content.

Your research also provides clues about when to publish. Is your niche interested in tips and tricks or in-depth articles about individual topics? Time your blog posts about related or specific topics based on your audience research. After your content is live on the Internet, you can determine much of this information by monitoring (through analytics) open rates, click-through stats, and exit pages to help you understand what content interests your readers and how far they navigate through your site.

Make Your Business Known

The ways entrepreneurs promote their businesses come in a variety of forms. Business cards, flyers, mailers, local business guides, and the list goes on. Get creative and use every resource at your disposal to let people know about your business. Your name is your brand for now. Anything you can do to make your name memorable works well for potential customers and visitors alike. Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth advertising!

I’ve laid out for you simple steps that will make a significant difference in your business success as long as you follow them. Developing a content strategy isn’t hard. What is hard is expecting too much in the beginning. Understand that success comes if you stick to your plan. Make sure it’s a good one. Good luck!

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