Sales & Marketing Enablement


Sales & Marketing Enablement professional can help lead global product positioning, messaging, and value proposition development for your product portfolio. Avvocatto professionals are typically accountable for the design and creation of product marketing and sales enablement collateral including customer presentations, data sheets, and product briefs for your products.


Website Copy

Whether you are a small startup or existing business, we can help refine your website copy for clarity and to help improve conversions. If you are an internal firm, we can help refine your marketing messages for native English language markets. Make sure your messages drive action.


Providing sales and marketing collateral across the buying cycle requires more than just putting words down on paper and beautiful design. It requires understanding how buyers make decisions and what pieces of collateral works at the different stages of the buying cycle.



Sales and marketing presentations are no different than your website or marketing collateral. They must tell the same story, use the same pillars and drive action.


We help you design marketing programs that drive action. Building emails and landing pages should be thought of using a strong messaging framework as the rest of your messages.

Competitive: Competitive Analysis piece (RISC Networks vs. Category (Network Monitoring)

Competitive: Competitive Analysis piece (RISC Networks vs. Category (Network Monitoring)

Competitive Analysis

Whether you are positioning your company against one competitor, five competitors or against a category, we can help you develop a competitive strategy that works. Additionally, our team will help develop key sales enablement pieces, such as battlecards, positioning documents, and other tools to help your team overcome competitive objections.

Channel Enablement: Sales Playbook

Channel Enablement: Sales Playbook

Channel Enablement

Enabling your channel can be a full-time job, which is why you need to develop powerful sales and channel enablement tools to help your partners and sales team to position your product in the market. If you are not providing sales and channel enablement tools, then you are missing out on improving the efficiency of your channel sales efforts.